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The Young Professionals Brunch


2018 Scholars

Ameka Yawson is a ambitious Trenton High senior who is involved in many programs such as Mill Hill Peers. Her top college choices includes , Howard University, Rutgers University, Rowan University, and The College of New Jersey. Ameka has an amazing goal to open a clinic in Libera. "The day I open the doors to my clinic will be a very proud moment for me. As a child my mom told me stories about how fortunate she was to give birth to all of her kids in the hospital. "She is preparing for this goal by obtaining her education in medical field." As for now, I plan to go to college and and become an O.B.G.Y.N so I can understand this field of profession, and be able to help/ understand the needs a clinic will need."

Prom Scholar's make over

Dear Prom Scholar readers and supporters we have so much to catch you up on Like Our New Look.
We have  So much to update you all on this is our new 2018 Brochure High lighting all of our achievements from the 2017 year. We also have a new logo and our official website is  Where we have all of our updated information.