2018 Scholars

Ameka Yawson
is a ambitious Trenton High senior who is involved in many programs such as Mill Hill Peers. Her top college choices includes , Howard University, Rutgers University, Rowan University, and The College of New Jersey. Ameka has an amazing goal to open a clinic in Libera. "The day I open the doors to my clinic will be a very proud moment for me. As a child my mom told me stories about how fortunate she was to give birth to all of her kids in the hospital. "She is preparing for this goal by obtaining her education in medical field." As for now, I plan to go to college and and become an O.B.G.Y.N so I can understand this field of profession, and be able to help/ understand the needs a clinic will need."
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Dajaia Jones
My name is Dajaia Jones I’m 17 years old I attend Trenton High West. I’m thinking of pursuing a degree in social work because i want to help kids find stability in their life. I’m very passionate about school,my family and friends. My top college choices are Kean University, Rider University and Virginia Union. I’m looking forward to working with prom scholars and having the best senior year possible.
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Stacey Monge
 is a Trenton High senior with amazing goals.
She is active in her community through programs like Mill Hill Peers.
Stacey also love to uplift women and want to be an advocate for women.
She plans on pursuing her education in Chemistry and use science
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Jordan Green
My name is Jordan Green, I am 17 years old and attend Trenton High School West. I am apart of Princeton University Preparatory Program (PUPP) and I am apart of my high school track team. Upon graduating high school I will be attending Gettysburg College majoring in Political Science. Hoping one day to become a politician. Seeing today’s political climate and all of the limited opportunities we have growing up in the city is what inspires me to become a politician. My goal is to help improve the community and schools. I want to let people know that there are lots of opportunities out there no matter the resources you have if you work hard and never give up you can achieve anything you put your mind to.
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Sunshine Rain James
 is from the Bronx NY and attends Central Park East High School.
Sunshine want to pursue and education in Forensic Science
 and help solve crimes in her community providing families with closure.
Sunshine is also very passionate about
Visit www.promscholar.org to view her video


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