Our mission is to provide a unique prom experience to high school students graduating and going to college.
 Prom Scholar not only provides a fully custom look we also aim to raise money for our scholar’s first year of college needs. The selected graduates by Prom Scholar, are measured and awarded various incentives such
as a custom made gown; professional makeup, and hair styling to participate in the high school Prom. 
We take the time to create a customized prom experience and also serve as mentors for our scholars.


Prom Scholar Inc. was founded by Fashion Designer Shahedah Williams back in fall 2014 in Trenton, NJ. This intially started as a Indie Gogo campaign to finace the Prom needs and first year of college needs for two Trenton High West Campus student. This was the highschool that Shahedah attended. Prom Scholar used social media to promote the project. Shahedah partnered up with her friend Greona Boisseau who was a hair stylist based in Trenton, NJ. During the first year of Prom Scholar Shahedah decided to host a prom dress drive at the Trenton High West Campus. She wanted to help more students go to prom and spend less. By the following year Shahedah was able to connect with more people noticing the project and build a team. Takiyah Henriques was one of the first people who offered to help with Shahedah with getting thing more established with Prom Scholar. Then Fashion Designer Qaysean Williams joined the team in fall 2015. For the 2016 year Prom Scholar began to establish long term relationships with people like makeup artist Fellisha Green who continues to support the organiztion every year by servicing two young ladies with professinal makeup and fashion designer Alyssa Mapp who is a contributing fashion designer. By fall 2016 in to early 2017 this network of support expanded to local businesses like Paris Hair and Beauty Supply owned by Donna and Drew Jarret. Donna has signifigantly help the organnization as a sponsor and mentor. In the year 2017 Prom Scholar began to expand their ideas for event to help with fundrasing. For instance the anual Prom Dress Drive was transformed in to a Pop up Boutique open to the public. At the Pop up Boutique brand new and gently used items of all fashion catergories were sold in order to benifit Prom Scholar. For Students everything was half the price and Prom Dresses were free or a dollar donation to the organization. Tea with a Sprinkle of Fashion is another event Prom Scholar hosted this was sponsored by Paris Hair & Beauty Supply Studio B. Bistro & Bakery. Since concluding the 2017 prom season Prom Scholar Inc. continues to grow and stay connected to all of the scholars from the past years

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